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KS2 homework week from 13.2.17- 27.2.217

Posted On 10 Feb 2017
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As you know our Key Stage two topic is about the Romans and the children live finding out facts! The children will have 3 weeks to complete these tasks however we have broken them down into sections to help. Please ask for paper and children can complete this on a laptop/ chromebook if they would prefer.



KS2 team



w/c 13/2/17 w/c 20/2/17 w/c 6/3/17
Year 3 unzip, unable
uneven, unacceptable
unload, untold
unpack, unwell
unarmed, unfolded
unfrozen, unfasten
unbeaten, unbeatable
uncovered, unhappily
disagree, disloyal
disobey, disobedient
disobedience, disobediently
disarm, disown
discomfort, disarray
disbelief, displeased
dismiss, disadvantage
Year 4 addition, audition
caption, edition
emotion, eviction
invention, lotion
migration, motion
nation, option
population, potion
ration, reception
reflection, solution
tuition, vibration
admission, discussion
emission, mission
omission, passion
possession, session
Year 5 disappeared, disbelieve
discourtesy, disorganise
disapprove, disapproval
discovering, disregarded
distributed, disallowed
discussion, discomfort
disgusting, distracted
discretely, disturbing
discovery, dissolves
dismount, distress
disobey, discuss
discussion, dispute
disputing, defend
defence, demarcate
Year 6 fellowship, leadership
membership, friendship
ownership, citizenship
scholarship, autograph, autobiography, automatic
automatically, autopilot
autopsy, aerobatics
aerobics, aerodrome
aquaplane, aqueduct
aquatic, aquarium
transaction, transmit
transfer, biceps


Roman Army Roman Houses Roman Food
Observe / Research
Week Commencing: 13 / 02 / 17
Research about the army formations, what the soldiers were equipped with and the different responsibilities were. What were Roman houses made of? What rooms did they have? How were they better than Celtic houses? What kinds of food did they eat everyday? How is this different to how we live now?

Where did their food come from? Did they eat a balanced diet?

Week Commencing:20/ 02 / 17
Create an accurate model / drawing / diagram of a Roman soldier. Create an accurate model / drawing / diagram of a Roman house. Create an accurate model / drawing / diagram of a Roman meal.
Week Commencing: 27/ 02 / 17
Job adverb for a Roman soldier.

What skills do they need?

What will they need to do?

What will the need to learn?

A persuasive advert for a Celt to buy a Roman house!

How is it better?

What would they like?

A menu for your new Roman Restaurant.

What will be your main dish?

What will you have for pudding?

What will you drink?

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