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Humber homework- set on Friday 20th January

Posted On 20 Jan 2017
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Key Stage 2 Project – Our Community

Homework set:  Friday 20th January 2017        Due in:  Thursday 9th February 2017

Complete six tasks below (two from each line) plus daily reading and weekly spellings


Dear Parents,

We are trying hard to work with you to make sure that homework is exciting for the children and has an impact on their learning.  Last term we tried a new approach to homework and set a project every three weeks, which most parents found really engaged their children and in school the writing that was produced was brilliant.  But, some feedback from parents was that they wanted their child to have more choice.

So, we are trying a new approach and would welcome your feedback.  This term we are setting the projects in a table format so children have a choice.  They must choose two activities from each row and when they have completed will need to get an adult to sign when they have completed it.  These activities will mean that children have a wider range of activities to choose.  This time, there is not a longer writing task but in future there may well be and if this is the case there will be clear instructions, expectations and examples where appropriate.  Please ask your child’s teacher if you need any other information or have questions about the homework.

Our community is very important to us and our village hall is in desperate need of refurbishment.  The school will be working with the village hall committee to help fundraise over the next year.  To launch this, we are focusing our homework over the next few weeks on our community and the village hall.

Please let the teachers know what you think of the format of the homework this time.  Teachers will be asking the children too.  It may be that you prefer projects in the format that we had last term but you may prefer this format so please give us feedback.  We want to get it right so that homework is something that our children love doing and is making a positive impact on their learning in school.

Thank you for all your support,


Bev Fletcher

Head of School


Weekly Activity:  Reading every night  and spellings (see below)
Walk around the village Look on google earth with an adult to find Brotherton (www.googleearth.com ) Ask your family what their favourite things about Brotherton are Ask someone you know that has lived in the village for a long time how Brotherton has changed since they first lived here’
Completed: Completed: Completed: Completed:
List ten things that you really like about Brotherton and give a reason why. Draw a bird’s eye view of our school and the roads and buildings around our school, including the parish hall. Take photographs of your favourite places in the village and put them on a power point presentation. Make a model of your walk to school (no more than shoe box size)
Completed: Completed: Completed: Completed:
Our village hall needs to be improved.  If you were planning a new village hall what would it look like?  Draw or make your fantasy parish hall (no bigger than a shoe box size) Our village hall needs to be improved.

Make a poster asking people to help with fundraising for our new hall (no more than A4)

Imagine you are planning a fundraising event (eg, car wash/sponsored skip) for our new village hall.  What would it be? Make a poster advertising your fundraising event.  (make it exciting!) Imagine you are a news reporter.  Write a blog about why people should use the village hall and why it is so good to have it in the village. (you could interview people to help you make the blog amazing!  Use your checklist to help with sentences)
Completed: Completed: Completed: Completed:


Week Commencing:  23rd January 2017 Week Commencing:  29th January 2017 Week Commencing:  6th February 2017
Words with silent letters and ending in –se and –ce





































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